This summer Bordeaux is hosting a multitude of events for culture vultures. We have selected for you 5 unmissable exhibitions during the summer season. From the photography exhibition on Russian dancer and choreographer Rudolf Noureev to the Urban Legend street art display at the German WWII submarine base, you will find something of interest for everyone.



at the Grand Theatre, until 09/02

Discover the 18th century architecture of this famous building as you explore the photography exhibition on the career of Rudolf Noureev. Black and white photographs taken by Francette Levieux retrace the biography and history of the dancer. There are no less than 60 photographs depicting the life of the legend since 1969. 



at the Museum of Decorative Arts and Design, until 10/07

The former private Mansion "Hôtel Lalande" is currently hosting the works of designer Martin Szekely on the theme of construction. Questioning the use of daily life objects, the works exhibited act together as an ode to minimalism. You will be astonished by the use of exotic materials that were necessary to create the works.



CAP Sciences, until 09/02

With Luminopolis, you will forget everything you know about conventional exhibitions. By imposing their own rules, the creators of Luminopolis will give you access to a customized experience, similar to an escape game. Games of light and reflection quizzes will be the key in order to solve the mistery that this atypical experience is in itself.



Museum of Fine Arts, until 09/16

This exhibition was made possible thanks to the artistic collaboration between the Cassignol College and the Collegiate School of Richmond (US). The main point of this partnership, as defined by the Museum of Fine Arts of Bordeaux and the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, was to open up ourselves on the question of boarders. Photographs, drawings, interviews, collages, essays and other works on the subject are there to extend the permanent collections of the museum. Among them, you will be given the possibility to admire the works of André Lhote, Roger Bissière, Auguster Herbin or François Desnoyer.




Submarine Base, until 09/16

The walls of houses and buildings in Bordeaux are perfect to put into light urban art. As the city is celebrating its 3rd season of Street Art, more than 50 street artists were invited to exhibit their work at the Submarine Base. We will travel back in time and follow the evolution of this artistic movement from the 1980’s to today.