Nearly three years after its first arrival in Bordeaux, the Hermione frigate is back for an exceptional last stopover at the Port of the Moon, from June 8th until June 14th, before sailing back to Rochefort.

Started on February 2nd from Rochefort, the trip was made possible thanks to the International Organisation of Francophonie who allowed more than 350 sailors to get on board for an unforgettable human and naval experience. 


 The Hermione frigate is the exact replica of the 1778 original sailing boat which embarked Lafayette towards the American colonies in 1780. The construction of the replica, started in 1997, elapsed a long seventeen years and thus was not finished until 2014. Therefore, the inhabitants of Bordeaux still remember with much emotion its first arrival in Bordeaux on August 20th, 2015. The Hermione will be accessible for tours from June 10th until June 14th, between Hangar 14 and Hangar 15.


 This period will also be perfect for yachting and sailing boats as Bordeaux will also welcome the Tall Ships Regatta at the Port of the Moon, on June 14th, for the Wine Festival/Fête du Vin of the city.