With its limestone facades and slate roof tiles, Bordeaux’s 18th Century architecture and contributes to its status as a UNESCO World Heritage site.


We invite you to appreciate this as we stroll alongside private mansions; explore hidden courtyards and beautiful sculpted balconies.

Afterwards, we’ll head indoor to the Museum of Decorative Arts and Design where we can visit typical “bordelais” mansion and imagine the home life of its 18th Century inhabitants: how they would have lived, dined, slept and passed time, in the days before the revolution.  There will also be the chance to visit the museum’s temporary exhibitions, housed in a building with an unusual and fascinating past.

Who:  Individuals, couples, families, small groups, anyone interested  in 18th century history of Bordeaux France.

How to Book:  Please contact info@bordeauxwalkingtours.com for availability prior to proceeding with payment.

How to pay:   Upon receiving an e-mail confirming availability you may Reserve online to pay in advance.

Meeting point:  In the center of downtown Bordeaux or on the door step of your downtown hotel for the 4 hour tour option.

Rates: 2019

Tariffs : 

  • 3-hour private tour : 310€ (per group of 1-10 persons)

  • 4-hour private tour : 340€ (per group of 1-10 persons)

To reserve, please contact us via info@bordeauxwalkingtours.com or by phone at +33 6 80 44 18 24