Introducing the first historical running tour of Bordeaux that ends with a crafted beer tasting at a microbrewery. Guided by Hela SOULA, an accredited guide and owner of Bordeaux Walking Tours. Bordeaux Running Tours, offers private custom circuits of 6 to 12 kilometers, depending on the stamina of the group. The tour covers the city's most important historical periods, from Gallo-Roman times up to today, weaving through the middle ages and the XVIII century enlightenment.



The running tour is a perfect way to get a quick, healthy feel for the city's history and architecture, plus an update on the importance of craft beer in a city best known for its red wines by (refreshingly) ending in a brewery that was a women's prison in the XVIth Century.

Type of Tour: Private Tours

Prices: 2019

225€ per group + 10€ tasting fees per person (6 persons maximum - 2 hours)

280€ per group + 10€ tasting fees per person (6 persons maximum - 2.5 hours)

310€ per group+ 10€ tasting fees per person (6 persons maximum - 3 hours)


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