What : Amateur photographer, romantic, or simply people who enjoy an evening stroll will love seeing Bordeaux by Night with us. The monuments in the heart of downtown are beautifully illuminated at night and come alive with the historic descriptions given by our guides. Want to go outside of downtown and see even more landmarks ? We can arrange a taxi to take you and our guide to see more monuments under the night lights and the stars.

When:  This is a an enjoyable 2 or 2.5 hour tour which is private for 1-10 people. This tour can be available every night of the week depending on availability just after sunset.

Prices:   280€ for 2 hour tour

              310€ for 2.5 hour tour

Who:  Individuals, couples, families, anyone interested in seeing the city with its bright lights. 

How to Book:  Please contact info@bordeauxwalkingtours.com for availability prior to proceeding with payment.

How to pay:   Upon receiving an e-mail confirming availability you may Reserve online to pay in advance.

Meeting point:  In the center of downtown Bordeaux or on the door step of your downtown hotel.

Rates: 2019