I’m American, Boston-born to Egyptian parents ! I came to Bordeaux over 10 years ago, following my passion for wine and French cuisine, coupled with my admiration of architecture, history and culture. Soon enough, I discovered the beauty of this city and my love of its rich history, enhanced perhaps due to my family connection to the ancient world. 

With a Bachelor of Arts in Communication, specializing in Public Relations, I also studied at the Bordeaux Chamber of Commerce learning how to taste and sell the wines of Bordeaux. Moreover, I have studied French art and architectural history from the Gauls to modern time, both being a professional enhancement to my work as the owner ofBordeaux Walking Tours.

I believe I have lived the best of three worlds: Ancient Egypt, French Renaissance and Modern America!   I look forward to presenting Bordeaux to you, through my eyes.



Bordelais depuis peu, je suis originaire non pas du sud-ouest mais du nord-ouest, de Basse-Normandie. Ce n’est pas la première fois que je m’expatrie de mon bocage normand, ayant passé un an sur l’Ile de Malte où j’ai développé une petite passion pour l’architecture en pierre. C’est ce qui m’a motivé à faire de cette passion mon métier. J’ai ainsi obtenu le droit d’exercer le métier de Guide Conférencier après l’obtention de mon diplôme dans le Nord-Pas-de-Calais. 

La Normandie, Malte, le Nord m’ont conduit ici, dans cette ville autrefois surnommée « la Belle endormie ». Une ville qui regorge de monuments présentant un intérêt architectural à mes yeux et tout simplement, un émerveillement quotidien, comme vous allez pouvoir le découvrir à mes côtés.


Normande d’origine et motivée par ma passion pour le voyage j’ai validé mon BTS Tourisme en Mayenne après le BAC. Après cela je suis partie voyager un an à l’étranger pour notamment me perfectionner en anglais.

Grâce à cette belle expérience, j’ai pu intégrer la licence professionnelle de guide-conférencier à Saumur. À la fois animée par la passion du théâtre, le guidage me semblait être un bon compromis pour mettre au centre de la scène l’intérêt commun pour le patrimoine d’un site à travers ma prestation de guide.

C’est donc dans le cadre de ma formation de guide que je suis arrivée à Bordeaux. C’est une ville qui m’a plu du premier coup d’oeil et j’espère vous transmettre mon enthousiasme à travers la visite de la ville.

Cette expérience professionnelle avec Bordeaux Walking Tours me donnera probablement l’assurance de guider en anglais.

BÉATRICE, guide en Français, italien et allemand

Une ville, surtout comme Bordeaux, a de multiples facettes.  Guide depuis plus de 20 ans, Présidente de l’Association des Guides d’Aquitaine, je suis moi même multi faces.

 Je vais vous faire découvrir un Bordeaux riche de sa culture, riche de son patrimoine, riche de sa diversité, riche de son histoire et riche de son emplacement exceptionnel au cœur de la région viticole la plus connue au monde.

Ne soyez pas inquiets, un guide n’est pas seulement là pour vous faire découvrir de façon académique un monument mais il est là pour en conter son histoire, vous faire vivre les événements qui s’y sont déroulés.

. Une visite est un spectacle vivant, un film, et j’en serai votre metteur en scène. Et qui de mieux qu'une native de Bordeaux pour écrire ce beau scénario !

tess, guide En anglais et français

British origin, I grew up in Cornwall and then studied at Bordeaux International School before entering the French schooling system. I then took the Professional branch doing an apprenticeship in floristry, in Saintes. After going back to England to work, I met my partner who is French and we decided to return to Bordeaux.

Realising that I wanted to change careers I went back to college to become a certified tour-leader, as I love helping people, history and especially working outdoors in this vibrant city. 

Bordeaux Walking Tours has enabled me to guide in English and in French as well as doing the administrative tasks necessary for tourism in the heart of the company.

It will be a true pleasure to guide you through the history and modern life of the city and make you feel that you are part of the French lifestyle and have an unforgettable time. 

CLAIRE, GUIDE en anglais

British, of English and Irish descent, I grew up on the outskirts of London and completed a binational and bilingual European Business Management degree from Middlesex University and NEOMA, Reims in the Champagne region of France.

I met my English husband in Paris, where we spent a couple of years before travelling in South America and then teaching English for a year in Italy. We moved to Bordeaux in 2005 and are happy to call this beautiful city our home and bring up our two bicultural children here.

As a guide for Bordeaux Walking Tours, I am excited to share with you the vibrancy of one of France’s booming metropolises and impart my knowledge of this city steeped in history.

Chloé, GUIDE en français et anglais

I have always dreamt of being a guide!  Growing up in Dordogne France, the caves of Lascaux were practically my back yard and later became my first mission as a licensed tour guide.

Adventurous, I love travelling and have lived in London for a year and speak English with a ‘little’ French accent.  I moved to this vibrant beautiful city of Bordeaux two years ago, close enough to home and full of historical splendor!

SARAH, GUIDE en anglais

After growing up in Dublin with a degree in economics, I moved to Paris where I learned French and then to London where I worked  in the world of finance.  I am now living in Bordeaux with my French husband and our children, 

Thanks to studying at the Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers (CNAM) to become a professional guide and to compliment this by having an advanced degree at the Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET), I have found my dream job, working as a guide, showing visitors like you one France's"Ville d'art et d'histoire". 

DESIRÉE, GUIDE en espagnol

After growing up on the Canary Islands, I moved to London to study marketing and communications at the University. I met my British husband there and when our kids were young, we decided to add one more culture and language to our household by moving to Bordeaux.

Now as your Spanish guide with Bordeaux Walking Tours, I look forward to showing you this UNESCO World-Heritage city.

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After working in Seattle as an antique professional, I met my French husband and moved with him to Paris. There, the French antique market fascinated me and I learned everything I could about both old French objects and real French antiques.  I also have a great eye for shopping and can spot objects from miles away!

Our personal lives brought us to Bordeaux, where I am very happy to have the opportunity to show you the wonderful antiques and treasures that Bordeaux has to offer as well as shop in the trendiest shops and off the beaten path side street fancy boutiques!

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I moved to France in 2003 with my husband and our young son, just to “take a year or two off” from our busy corporate lives in the USA.  Both my husband and I shared the desire to live the European lifestyleand to see our world from a different perspective. So now, almost 12 years later, our “year off” has turned into our lifestyle!

As an urban designer/landscape architect by profession and an amateur historian, I started Bordeaux Walking Tours as a way to combine my professional interests with my desire to show visitors this fabulous French city which we call home. Bordeaux is one of France’s best cities.

Bordeaux is a really incredible city and I love sharing my passion for it with others.