What : From Romanesque to Gothic ending with Baroque discover the beauty of Bordeaux's churches inside and out.  Hidden statues of Bernini, lovely geometrical rosace windows and intricate tympanons.  18th century organs, master-crafted  wrought iron and facades of counter reformation. 

When:  This is a 3 hour tour which is given as a private tour for 1-8 people. This tour can be available most days of  the week starting at the time that is most convenient for you.

Price:     295€ for a 3 hour tour

              325€ for a 4 hour tour

Daily tram ticket : 4,70€ per person 

Who:  Individuals, couples, families, small groups … Anyone interested in the history and architecture of the 11th till the 17th century.

How to Book:  Please contact info@bordeauxwalkingtours.com for availability prior to proceeding with payment.

How to pay:   Upon receiving an e-mail confirming availability you may Reserve online to pay in advance.

Meeting point:  In the center of downtown Bordeaux or on the door step of your downtown hotel.